Netflix latest updated cookies 12 JULY 2018

Free Netflix Premium account Cookie 2018 with steps to use (Updated and working)

Netflix premium accounts 2018, Netflix accounts, Netflix account 2018, Netflix premium movies 2018, Netflix originals 2018, free Netflix premium, free Netflix premium accounts 2018 – We at monsterupldz added a new category for our users where they can get premium accounts of most used sites. Hope this will help you guys more. Now you can get everything from our site from coupons and shopping offers to premium accounts.

Netflix premium accounts 2018. Netflix accounts, Netflix account 2018, Netflix premium movies 2018, Netflix free trail 2018, free Netflix premium, free Netflix premium accounts 2018 – Every body wants Netflix right? So here we are bringing you a free premium account of Netflix (we cannot share the account details so we are posting a cookie where `you will get all the features of Netflix. Don’t worry we will explain how to Use). Netflix is famous for it’s Wide range of Movies, TV shows, Netflix Originals like Stranger Things, 13 Reasons why, Narcos etc., so monster is here with you providing the free premium account of Netflix. Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the shows !!

How to use Netflix Premium Accounts 2018 Login Details ?

2. Add the plugin to Chrome.
3. Click on the cookie icon at the right side top.
4. Click on delete button to delete previous cookies.
5. Now click on Import button (Not add cookie).
6. Paste the below provided cookie and click on the Green tick.
Note : Netflix premium accounts 2018 cookies update as of 09th July (Please check all the below cookies and if no account is working please comment below so that we will update again)
Cookie 1 – Click here
Note : -You can use any one of the above account. Please don’t change any password or misuse the accounts. If you can,t open any account, please comment below and we will update with the latest account.
7. Now go to Netflix website.
8. You are automatically logged in and do not delete any profiles there as it will affect the original users. So just click on the last profile and enjoy your show.
9. Never click on Logout (As the cookie no longer works) (Important)

10. If you want to close Netflix just close entire window or tab of chrome but do not click Log out.
11. That’s it enjoy 🙂
Terms and conditions:-
1. Don’t Click on Logout.
2. Don’t change any password.
3. These are for people who want to enjoy the premium content of Netflix
IF you encounter any problem in setting up cookies comment below.

Tested in chrome only.


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Thanks bro its showed username as frepremium.
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Thanks bro.keep it up.