How to Unlock any Android Password, Pattern or Passcode 2016

This article will show you the simple and legit hacks to unlock your locked device if case you forget the password.
8 Different Tricks To Make Pattern Lock Unlock
  1. Smudge Pattern Hack
After trying out the password and PIN locks to secure the privacy of the user, the developers have introduced pattern lock screen with nine dots placed in a square or more depending on the ROM you’re using. A pattern is drawn without lifting the hand connecting the dots. Fortunately and unfortunately, you will be given few attempts to draw the correct pattern and later then will be asked to enter the extra credentials.
The smartphones screens are not entirely smudged repellents. Though they avoid the hard stains, the oil from your skin and dust from your hands make the ad art like smudges on the screen. If you are still wondering how it works, here it is for you.
Lock the screen and tilt the phone against the light. You will see a pattern drawn on the screen which could be your pattern on the lock screen.
This process can only remind you of the pattern if you are struggling or waiting for it for a clue to recollect it but, it cannot help you get the trace of the pattern drawn. So, this process is a simple hack, and you need to pass some electricity in your brain to get that stricken to open pattern lock.
  1. Call Screen Hack.
The call screen hack is one of the most discovered security flaws by the users. It might be patched, or it may not work on every phone as the smartphones are coming with a custom UI. So, better try this one for a time and try your luck.
Call the locked phone from another phone. As we know that even on lock screen we can take the calls, this will give you a loop access to the phone’s settings. To do so, hit the back button while the call is going on and you will be given access entering the phone settings. Now to go to security lock settings, try your pattern as many times as you want and remove pattern lock at most trials.
  1. By Launching Quick Apps When Data or Wi-Fi is Turned Off.
Some custom UIs have the quick app launcher shortcuts. For some, it might work with the long-press of the home button and for some the recent apps button. For those phones, long press the Quick launch button and let the app open.
Select the share or any relevant option on the app and turn on the wireless network. You can then use your Google account to unlock the screen using your Google credentials.
  1. Google Reset.
If you have a habit of leaving your Wi-Fi or data connection on even when the internet is not used, it will help you a lot gaining the access to the phone back. No simple or hard hacks are needed to unlock the pattern screens here.
Resetting the password using your Google account is the original method of resetting the password on the screen. But for this you need to be connected to the internet on your device.
  1. Using Android Device Manager.
How-to-unlock-your-phone-using-Android-Device-Manager-Android device manager allows you to control your phone right from your desktop. Login to your Google account that you have logged in on the phone and go to Android Device Manager to gain access to control the lock settings on your phone.
You can gain full control over the phone and even locate the lost phone right from your Desktop or Laptop.
  1. Using 3rd Party Software.
If no security vulnerabilities or no default method are not working for you, opt for appropriate third party software for your phone and the OS version. There available a lot of trial versions of powerful software online to manage the phone’s security by connecting.
  1. By Rooting the Phone.
Do not choose this option unless your phone no longer have the active warranty period or receiving any operating system updates. Rooting voids the warranty and might not give you the system software update notifications.
Go to the phone’s boot options and wipe the system cache files before rebooting it. All phone might not work with this technique, but it is worth a try.
  1. By Erasing the Phone Data using Android Device Manager.
This final option on how to unlock pattern lock is taking the one hard decision that the user got to take to get back the phone without data on it. To proceed, go to android device manager and click on ‘Erase data’ option to erase all the data on your phone and reset to factory defaults.