New gmail Hacking methods 2 step gmail verification

Hackers plan to bypass 2 step gmail verification

Via Text Messages:
In some cases, the hackers use text messages and send it to their targets. The message appears to come from Google, which warns users of an unauthorized attempt to access their Gmail accounts.
The text message then follows a carefully crafted email notification, also disguised to be from Google, that redirects victims to a "Password Reset Page," designed to collect the victim's password.
The hackers then, in real time, use the password to login to the victim's account and trigger the sending of a security code to the target.
Gmail uses this security code as a two-factor authentication that adds an extra layer of security on top of a Gmail user's password.
After this, the hackers wait for the targeted victim to enter the code and then collect it through the bogus website, and then use it to take control of the victim's Gmail account.