How to make invisible folder in Windows

Create Invisible Folder
This is just for fun, this trick will not keep your folders secret and hidden, to get this visit
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We have to complete 2 steps to create an invisible folder.

1. Create a folder with no name

Desktop or any drive [e.g.: D:\] >Right click using mouse > New > Folder > hold Alt Key > Type 0160 > Release Alt Key > Now we created a folder with no name.

It may only work with the keypad numbers [located keyboard right side] and not the number keys on top of the keyboard.
Can’t create more than one NO NAME folder in ONE Folder.

2. Create blank icon

Now on NO NAME folder >Right click > Properties > Select customize tab > Click on change icon button [located Bottom side] >scroll along and you can see few blank spaces > click on any one [click on any blank space] >click ok button >Click Apply button >click ok button

Now look-Where is your folder?

We can keep all our files in this invisible folder.

Change invisible to visible mode

Click on Ctrl + A-Now all folders is selected-You can see your secret folder here