Unblock Yourself from someone’s WhatsApp Account

Unblock Yourself from someone’s WhatsApp Account 

Are you blocked from your friends? Ohoo!!! I know getting blocked is the worst part in the WhatsApp. But with the help of this article you’ll know a work around on – How to get unblocked from someone’s WhatsApp.

I’ll show you steps to unblock yourself from others account without notifying your friend. I know you are curious to know his/her profile picture, last seen, whatsapp status and by the end of this article you’ll find yourself unblocked for sure. But to be unblocked one should know that if he/she is blocked. So let’s take a look to how do you know whether you’re blocked by someone else or not?

.Firstly, check if your friend’s “profile picture” or “last seen” or “whatsapp status” are visible to your or not. And if not then you’re blocked.

*.Secondly send a message to that account and if it shows only one tick sign i.e. the message has been send but not delivered, then you may be blocked.


*.Open WhatsApp

*.Go to Settings

*.Hit on Account

*.Now click on Delete my account (Don’t worry you can run it again)

*.Enter your phone number and delete your account.

*.Now Uninstall WhatsApp messenger

After the WhatsApp is uninstalled properly, restart your phone or device. *.Go to Play Store and Install WhatsApp again.

*.Enter the asked details to start again with it and yes your own phone number.

*.Taddaaaa!!!! All done; now you’ve been unblocked from your friend’s WhatsApp account without letting them know a bit. Enjoy and start texting them. 

Hope you’ve unblocked yourself and easily able to text them. But deleting your WhatsApp account will have lead you to forcefully leave all the groups in which you were a member so ask them to add you again. And an important note is that if you’ve the latest version of WhatsApp this work around is not for them. This will only work on the older version.