Read Messages on Facebook without Seen

How to Read Messages on Facebook without Seen

Ever wondered if you can just have a glimpse of the message without leaving that “Seen” footprint on Facebook? Let it be a conversation with your girlfriend  where you want to prepare a perfect reply and thus don’t want her to know that you actually read her message or let it be a professional response where you want some time to decide it in your head about the outcomes the decision might lead, and thus don’t want the other person to know that you already read their message.
How to Read Messages on Facebook without Seen
It wasn’t possible earlier but it is now. Privy Chat for Facebook brings a perfect solution toread messages without leaving a “Seen” trace behind. This not only serves for reading messages but also looking for friends online status as well. Privy Chat is only available for android as of now and the team has no words for releasing it for iOS or WP devices in the near future. You can get the application for your android device from the download linkbelow.
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What if I Don’t have an Android?
Well, not to worry Windows users still have a way out. Not a real android device but we can emulate one. Bluestacks and Youwave Emulator serves the best for this purpose. You candownload Bluestacks and Youwave Emulators from the links below.
1.    BlueStacks Emulator (Free) : Download Here
2.    YouWave Emulator (Paid) : Download Here
Download and install any of the two mentioned android emulator. You can then install the Privy Chat for Facebook on the emulator and sign in through your Facebook account by granting access to “View your Public Information” and “Messaging on Your behalf” requests prompted by the app on first launch, which are otherwise necessary for the app to work.