How to reduce your Internet data usage in Google Chrome

Almost everyone uses the Internet now a days. Some people use mobiles and tablets where we all have to pay data usage of internet when not using Wi-Fi depending on the amount of MB and GB used. Some people have unlimited subscriptions but the majority of us don’t.
So, in order to pay less to service providers, we need to consume less data. And to consume less data, it is not important that you should surf less websites, you just need to follow a few simple steps mentioned below to consume less data and hence pay less.
Step 1) You must have Google Chrome, because it is currently the fastest browser to surf the Internet and also can be used to help you to consume less data.
Step 2) Download the extension Data Saver (Beta) from Google Web Store for free.
Step 3) After installing the extension, you will see a new icon showing up on the right side of your window. Click on that circle icon to activate the plugin.
Step 4) Once this plugin is activated, you will automatically start saving data. You could also see the percentage of the saved data by clicking on the circular icon again.
This was a very simple but awesome trick to save some data on your computer. Also you could easily monetize the data consumed and used. Hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to share this article with friends. Visit  for more awesome articles like this one.