Download Paid Apps/Games Directly From Google Play Store For FREE

How To Download Paid Apps/Games Directly From Google Play Store For FREE

Hey guys today i am sharing a trick to download paid apps and games from play store directly for free. Yes ! Totally free from play store. I posted about this trick in our Official Facebook Group last week and today i am going to post it. This is a very simple trick you can download all paid apps & games for free.

1.Debit Card / Credit Card (Only 1 time, you will don't loose your money)

2.Titanium Backup [ROOT] Download App From Here


*.Open Google play store and select that paid app which you want to download

*.Click on download button and download it and make payment with your DC/CC

*.After payment your app will downloaded in your phone.

*.Now Open Titanium Backup and backup that app with data

*.Now that app will backed up in your sd card (APK+DATA)

*.Now Go to Play store and open that app page and click on Refund Button(Return that app or game within two hours otherwise you will not able to get refund)

*.Follow the instructions to complete your refund and uninstall your app or game. After refund process you will see aun install button instead of refund do n't click on that button your app will uninstalled automatically and after sometime you will get your refund in your bank account)

*.After Refund Process complete and that app will uninstalled automatically Restore the backup of that app via Titanium Backupand enjoy the app or game for free..!!

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