Delete All Facebook Friends At Once [PC]


To use in Mozilla follow these step below:

Step 1: You must have Mozilla Firefox and installed this Greasemonkey addon
Step 2: Install this script. Clear List Script
Step 3: Restart Mozilla Firefox and open your Facebook.
Step 4: Go to your Timeline, click on Friends.
Step 5: If script has been not loaded, just reload/refresh the tab.
Step 6: Tick on checkbox beside a friend name to select for delete. If you click button "Select All" , it will tick all.
Becareful ! After you click "Delete Selected Friends" it will not be undone.
-------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------

To use in Chrome follow these steps below:

Step 1: Install this Extension Tampermonkey Extension
Step 2: Now, Install this script. Clear List Script
Step 3: Go to your timeline profile, click friends tab and wait script to load.
Step 4: Now, you have an option to do it. If script does not load, just reload/refresh the page/tab.

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