Best apps to open all types of file format on Android

Android is the fastest growing platform with billions of apps in the play store. Everyone shares different kinds of files with their friends.  Some people just have transferred some of their important files on their device, but they are unable to open those files on their device because only a few files are supported by default on Android.
So, if we need to increase the number of supportable files on our device, we need to install some applications and change some settings. A few examples of some extensions which are not supported on android devices by default are:- Mkv, Avi, Zip, Rar, OGG, Wav, 3GP, M4A, MID, XMF, AAC etc.

Open all types of Video Formats (MKV, AVI,WMV etc.)

You might have noticed that you are not able to open some types of video files like MKV and WMV on your Android device. One solution to this problem is to download MX Player. This app has more than a million installs and many positive reviews. Download MX Player now to open all video formats on your device.
Download MX Player

Open ZIP and RAR Files (Compressed)

You might have transferred some important files on your Android device from your computer, but then you realised that you cannot open this type of file by default. So, the solution to this problem is downloading ES File explorer on your device. This is a must have app on your device.
Download ES File Explorer

Open all audio formats

The majority of audio files Google Play Music can cope with play but it can still miss some extensions. To play those files, download N7 Music Player from the Play Store.
Download N7 Music Player
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