How to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification[Easy Method]

Hello Friends!! From last many days I got many requests from my visitors , friends to share a trick 'How to bypass photo tag
verification of Facebook' with best and easy way, so for this I come with a amazing trick. Few month ago I was also facing this problem but I easily bypass photo verification with this trick.

Many facebook users thinks that why Fb wants proof of there identity after using real name and real pic. The reason is simple , its a Fb security system. I means when FB notice that any user using any feature excessively , Than Fb security system thing that the person may be spammer or its a fake. So Fb security system catch the person and put photo tag verification on his/her id.

Simple method:-

Download and install TunnelBear app in your android or iPhone and make a new account.

2)Now change your location to Japan.

3)Then login your blocked facebook account and enter catcha code.

Here you will notice that there is no pic verification instead it will ask your phone number

4)Just change japan phone code to your country code and enter your phone number.

5)Now you will get a confirmation code in your phone number,just enter this code and wolla you are logined in your account :)))