Hack Whatsapp account With latest method

WhatsApp is currently one of the most secure messaging services purely because it works with a particular phone number and requires a certain code. In my today’s article I am going to describe a few methods to hack WhatsApp account. Yes guys, it’s no more a myth. You can actually get access

to someone else’s WhatsApp account. If you always wanted to know what your boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife or friend talks to on WhatsApp then you are at the right place.

There are loads of other websites that claim they can hack WhatsApp account, all of them are false. None of those tricks work and actually it is nothing but just a waste of time. The methods that I am going to depict will surely help you in getting access of someone else’s whatsApp account. So people, lets get started now.

Method 1:- Social Engineering (Recommended)


Step 1: Firstly you will need to download Bluestacks
Step 2: For this to work, a little Social Engineering
is required. Using this software you would need to
download and open up the whatsapp application.
Step 3:- Now enter the Phone number of your
victim. WhatsApp will send a confirmation code on
victims number. You are in need of that code.
Step 4: The best method to get this code off your
friend is to start a conversation with him. All you
have to do is trick him into giving the code. You
could try this:-
“You – Hey, I got a reactivation code for my
WhatsApp, did you get one too?
Victim – Yeah I did!
You – I accidentally deleted mine, might be worth a

shot to try yours”
The victim hopefully gives you the code.
In the event that they don’t, might be worth trying
to physically get hold of their phone or try from a
different tactic. Try and get it from them without
making it too obvious.
People can be stupid. This is a guaranteed method
if you manage to complete the steps above.
NOTE: This method doesn’t work twice so know what
you’re going to say and just go in for it. If you fail on
one person, move onto the next…You will be able to
intercept any messages, videos, images. Virtually
anything you want off their WhatsApp!!

Method 2:- Using MAC [Media Access Control]

In this trick i will be telling you how you can read

your messages offline with the help of MAC
Address. You can see that you can read the
messages and see profile picture in your WhatsApp
even when you are not connected to internet and it
also pop up the messages which you have not read
when you were offline. The trick behind this is that
all the messages are kept encrypted in the SD card
of your mobile phone so even when are offline you
can read the messages and see profile picture of
your contacts.
In this trick you have to spoof your android phone’s
MAC Address. Don’t be surprised!! Yes, MAC
Address can be spoofed. The attacker can use
your MAC address and verification code to access
your whatsapp account.
It is easy to spoof MAC address in android but for
spoofing MAC address the device must be rooted
with BusyBox and Terminal App must be installed
in it. Anyone can spoof their MAC address if they
meet all these requirements and eventually can
hack WhatsApp account of the victim.
You can learn spoofing MAC Address by going to
this link: http: //forum.xda-developers.com/

Now just follow these simple steps:-

address on your android
Finding MAC address on an Android
On your phone’s home screen, click
on menu, then go to setting.
Click on about phone.
Click on the status.
And then view your Wi-Fi MAC
As soon the message is received
Push the MAC address as well as
Verifying code to your server or mail
it your ID. That banks on your
Cheat your phone’s MAC address to
the Victims address and install
WhatsApp and after that type the
verify code.
And now its done. You get full
access to the victim’s whatsapp ID.
So now you can keep spying/
watching your victim’s movements.
That means you and the victim is
using the same ID from different
WhatsApp hack to use it by not
using your number.
This hack works by cheating the
WhatsApp Verification Servers by
sending a spoofed request for an
authorisation code expected for a
different phone.
Install Whatsapp on your device.
WhatsApp now opens a counter
where it sends a verification
message to its servers.
Block the message service – it can
be blocked by changing the
message centre number or turning
the phone into Airplane mode.
WhatsApp now gives a substitute method of
verification – Select verify through SMS and fill in
your email address. Once you click to send the
SMS press cancel to abort the call for
authorisation to the WhatsApp server.
Now you have to do sms Spoofing.
Examine your outbox and copy the
message details into the spoofer
application and send the spoofed
You will now receive messages
expected for the spoofed number on
your mobile device and you can
communicate with people under the
spoofed number.
It’s done!! You have hacked into your friend’s
WhatsApp account.
NOTE:- This information has been shared to create
awareness among people regarding the “Ways to
Hack Whatsapp” so that you can protect yourself
from getting hacked. In no way do we promote

misusing of the information.