How to Make Free Prank Calls from Anyone’s Number

Prank Calls as you know are those whose caller ID is not visible to us. Actually these caller use some special way to make these calls. Also today there are many applications that can do this for you. Yes you can make prank calls to have fun with your friends. So we are here with the method of How to Make Prank Calls from iOS and Android. With the help of this method you will hide your caller id from the receiver cell and can do any prank calls to nay of number. Just read out the below method to proceed.

Make Free Prank Calls from Anyone’s Number

  1. Visit VOXOX Downloads page and download the application.
  2. Now after installing the software you need to Sign Up with their free account that rewards you with $1 free credit.
  3. Simply enter your details like name, mobile number and email to get started.

4..Now you will see a dial pad to enter the number to be displayed on the receiver screen, you can enter any of your choice and even you can enter your friends number.

  • Now in the caller id section enter the details of any of the person in the world to make yours one anonymous and then click on ok.
  • Thats it you are done, now you can call any of number through this app by just entering his/her number in the app by making calls from it.
  • Just remember to choose the correct country code while entering the called Id details. Now simply click on Ok and enter the mobile number which you wish to call.
If you wish to make prank calls to any number from your iOS or Android Handset then VOXOX app is the best solution to it. Download this app, pay the nominal fee and enjoy free prank calls to any number. If you have found this guide interesting and helpful then do share it with your other mates and friends too. Your shares may interest any of your friend out there.