How To "Increase Validity Of Whatsapp Account To Lifetime:

How to Make Whatsapp unlimited
♦ Open Whatsapp App.
♦ Now Go to "Settings" and click on "Account".
♦ After That click on "Change Phone Number".
♦ Now You Will See A New Page To Change Your Number
♦ In First Box Enter The Number Which You Are Using Currently , then fill a new number (that should be never used on whatsapp) in second box.
♦ Now you will receive a verification code on new number (which you entered in second box) enter that code and click on Done.
♦ Now your new account is created with one year validity.
♦ Main Trick to Extend Validity: Now again do above steps but this time you have to fill new number in first box and your main number in second box to again switch to your old account.
♦ After you complete all given steps you will find that your old account validity increased to extra one year.

How To Check Increased Validity:
♦ Open Your Whatsapp App.
♦ Go to Settings and click on Payment Info
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