How to get Free Delivery from Flipkart (Any Item)?

Hello friends lots of you might be doing online shopping isn't. so where do you shop from ? amazon? ebay? Flipkart? huh if you shop from flipkart i've got something for you. Many times it happens you need some inexpensive item from the site which you really get at a cheap rate but what messes up? Delivery charges eh! suppose you want to get a cheap mobile Screen Guard which costs like rs99 fair deal? but then you find out about the extra 100rs on it as 'Delivery Charges'. So i will be teaching you how to get flipkart free home delivery.!! so lets get started. ;)

Flipkart Free Delivery Trick!

so, to get flipkart free delivery you need to follow these steps:
  1. Add your desired object cart. suppose you order a screen guard for rs99 add it to cart.
  2. Now select any item which does not has Deleiry charges on it for example Digiflip Tabs, Mobiles, Speakers etc anything will do it just needs to have free Delivery!
  3. Now when you add both items to your cart (your main product and the one without delivery charges) Proceed to Payment. 
  4. once you Proceed to payment with both items in cart you will get free delivery on the 1st product too ! as per flipkart policies items above 300rs are eligible for flipkart free delivery.
  5. once both order are confirmed and the orders are shipped cancel the unwanted order (2nd product)
  6. Even though you cancel the second product your 1st product gets deliverd for free !
"Feel free to cancel the Second product there are not going to be any problems you have the right to cancel your order at any time"


Using this trick you can easily get any Flipkart Product with flipkart free shipping. This works all the time (has worked for me all the time) so this easy trick free home delivery shopping from Flipkart. feel free to use the comment boxes below and ask your queries i will reply for sure.