How to complete/bypass FileIce surveys June 2015

Important Notes

  • Disable IDM before downloading
  • Don't Use Any kind Of Vpn or Proxy ( If you are Using Free Proxy or Vpn Just Disconnect it And Use Paid Internet To Complete Survey ) 
  • don't forget to clear your browser data
  • Surveys cant complete using mobiles, use computer for completing surveys.

Just Follow The Below Steps Properly !! - 

1.Clear your all  browser data; Including hisory, autofilldata, pricacy and all things

2. Clear All Your Temporary Files From Your Computer . 

3. Now Go To New Tab Of Google Chrome And Refresh Or Reload Your Fileice Link  ( For Eg - ) 
And Click On  " Regular Download " 

Click Any Of The Boxed Survey Which I Mentioned In the Snapshot !!

4. After You Chose One Of the Offer  . Then A New Tab Will Open in which Your Have to Complete the Offer . 
Just Fill Our All The Details in That Page (You Can Use Fake Details Too) . And After Filling Out details Click Below  " Participate " Tab .

5 In This Page You Don't Have To Do Anything . Just Wait For A Second And Go Back To Fileice Page !! 

6 As You Come back To this Page Your File Will Be Unlocked and Download Will be Started !!.

" Enjoy completing surveys. don't waste your time. Use this method and complete your FileIce Surveys easily.
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