How to Browse Two or More Facebook [Fb ] Accounts in a Single Browser at Same Time

In this tutorial, i will tell you how to browse two different facebook accounts in a single browser at same time.. Or even multiple accounts..
Just Follow the Given steps
1. Open your browser and log on to your facebook account simply
2. Now open your browser's second tab
3. Now, in second tab, visit & hit ok
4. After opening the site, there will be an option to visit a site anonymously, Just put
5. Now facebook will open, just enter your second account's id password & log in
thats All, now you can browse two different accounts in a same browser at same time. To use 1st account, come on 1st tab, & for 2nd account, come on 2nd tab.
Note => you may face a security check after opening facebook account in second tab, Just bypass it and Enjoy browsing
Hope, you'll like it, Any problem ? Leave your comments below & try to visit my blog regularly