How to bypass file sharing limit and Group participants limit in whatsapp

How to bypass file sharing limit and Group participants limit in whatsapp:

1. All You need is Root Explorer. Download it HERE For you will be needing it.
2. Launch the downloaded app and goto Root»»Data»»User»»(0)»»Com.Whatsapp»»Shared_prefs»»com.whatsapp_preferences.xml
Click and open.
3. Since the file ends with .XML, it means we can customize it. Long press the file and Tap (open with) select Text Editor and continue.Locate this line [[ int name=”media_limit_mb” value=”16″ /> ]] And Change the (16) To any value of your choice… I’d recommend 1000 Which is approximate to 1gb
4. To change whatsapp group limit, Locate [[ int name=”participants_size_limit” value=” 100 ” /> ]] and change the 100 to any number of your choice not exceeding 9999 .If you’re using Whatsapp+ you’d notice that your your group members have already being tweaked to 9999 and your file sharing limit to 29mb.
Click your option key and tap (save changes) reboot your device and enjoy