Hacking Facebook Account With Your 3 Fake ID'S

Hi Guyzz..,Today I am Telling You How to Hack Facebook Password using Simple Trick:
You can Easily Hack the Facebook Accounts whose EMail is not Verified.
About 30% of Facebook Accounts are not Verified.

Some of them are Fake Accounts and other are The success rate of this Hack is 100%.

Lets go Hacking and See How the Facebook Accounts are hacked.
Materials Required:
A Victim [Unverified Facebook Account]
3 Fake Facebook Profiles.

Now Just Follow The Steps :

Step 1. How to Hack Unverified Facebook Account.

Step 2. Make 3 Fake Facebook Accounts.

Step 3. Add Friend to the Victims Account from the 3 Fake Profiles.

Step 4. Go to : www.facebook.com.

Step 5. Click "Forget your Password?" Just below Password Input "Identify Facebook Account" Page will open.
Search the victims account by eMail id or username.
Password reset page will open.

Step 6. Facebook Password Reset Page.
Click on to Enlarge.

Step 7. See the Image Below. Click "No longer have access to these?"

Step 8. Facebook New Email Address Page. Clik on to Enlarge

Step 9. "How Can We Reach You?" page will open. Enter a new eMail id. you can enter your eMail.

Step 10. Now Security Question Page Will Be Open.. Try To Guess Answer Or click On"Reset Your Account Through Friends". Click Continue.

Step 11. Here you should give the trusted friends as the 3 fake profiles [The victim must have accepted your 3 fake friends request].

Step 12. Security Code to access the Victims Account will be sent to your fake Account.. The Security code will be part into 3.

Step 13. Get The Security code Nd Submit It.. After 24 hour you Can Access Victim's Account..

Now you have all done Enjoy Hacking..