Facebook Tricks[latest]

(1) Restore deleted Facebook Messages and Images

  • Simple Login to your facebook account and head towards general setting page through this link.
  • Now Click on Download a Copy of your Facebook Data
  • At the very next page a Download archieve button will be visible, Click on it and they might ask you to enter your FB password again, Just enter it.
  • When you click on Submit button and you will see download link for your data will be sent to your email id.
  • Now log in to your mail account and download the archive from the link which you received in your mail.
  • That’s it..!! Extract or Unzip the file and there would all information of your FB account such as messages, image, videos, etc.

(2) Cool Facebook Chat tricks:

  • Send your Friends Cool messages in different Style like Upside down or flipped text and many more.
  • Visit this website from your Computer browser.
  • Now here type your desired text in dialog box and choose appropriate style.
  • Now Simple Copy the text and post it to FB status and it will appear in different style. 

(3) Prank Your Facebook Friends Using Zalgo Text Generator Tool

This is again a fun trick, basically a prank that you can play on your Facebook friends. This trick will add some blurred text above and beneath your Facebook status which will cover other stories on your friend’s timeline. They might think that it’s a glitch and will refresh their page or wipe their screen again and again to remove the blurred text.

Use Zalgo text generator tool to create zalgo text, link

(4)Download Facebook Video

Here’s a simple tool which you can use to download videos from Facebook, link. So, next time you come across any video worth downloading don’t hesitate to use this tool.

(5)Post your staus in all facebook groups at once:
  • it is easy to post your status on your wall.when comes you have to post status in all groups it takes much time and even it is hard task.by using simple app it is easy you can post in all facebook groups at once
  • Go to Multi post application and login with Facebook.
  • you can also use another app click here

  (6) Access Facebook Chat on Windows Desktop

Using Facebook messenger for windows, you can access Facebook chat right from your windows desktop. Just install Facebook messenger for windows and enjoy Facebook chat directly from desktop. You can also check notifications, recent friend’s activity, friend requests and messages etc. from Windows desktop.