Crack Windows Password

How To Crack Windows Password

Sometimes you may have to break windows pc password for any purpose. There are many softwares out there that can do it. Have you ever re-installed Windows again just because you forgot your Administrator Account password? Well you don’t need to do that again, using this simple trick you can easily get into your Administrator Account and reset your password.

This trick can be used to hack ANY PC or Laptop, no matter what version of Windows are you using, you just need to know how to access the boot-menu.

Steps To Crack Windows  Password :-

  1. First of all create a bootable pendrive/CD/DVD of current windows (e.g. we use windows 8.1).
  2. Now insert that bootable media device in your computer and restart your computer.
  3. Now as soon as computer starts click on F12 button to select the bootable media device to boot, or you can change the priority order of boot able device by going into BIOS settings.
  4. Now when you media device boots then it will ask you for press any key to boot, just press any key of your keyboard.
  5. Now windows starts loading, there select language and then click on next option.
  6. Now select Repair Your Computer and after that select troubleshoot option there.
  7. Now select Microsoft Diagnostics & Recovery Tool and then click on exit.
  8. Now there at next option select your OS type and then Locksmith and click on next option there.
  9. Now there you can select any of the account whose password you want to change.
  10. Select any of account and then change password and there type new password and then confirm password.
  11. Now click on finish button and restart your computer.
  12. Thats it, when you come to login screen, just enter the password you have set and you will get logged in.
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