Clash of Clans Custom Unlimited Mod Hack 50.6 MB

Clash of Clans Custom Unlimited Mod v6.322.3 Hack (50.6 MB)

Clash of Clans - VER. 6.322.3 Unlimited Mod
root need.

Root Your Device Easily From    HERE

1 After Rooting your Device Download and Install clash of clans from the Google Play Store.
2 Download and Install Hosts Editor from the Google Play Store.
3 Open the app and press the + sign on the top.
4 In the Hostname field type:
5 In the IP Address field type a server ip (given below).

Working Server IPs:
Main CoC Database server:
1st Alternate Database(Single server):
2nd Alternate Database(Single server):
3rd Alternate Database(Single server):

NOTES. After following the above instructions, you will no more be linked with the official game servers. To revert back, just undo the above instructions. There might be a little delay when you save the game, so just wait few more seconds before closing the game letting the progress to be saved These servers are still in beta stage, there might be issues. But we are doing our best to keep them running smooth.

                                                                Download Here

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